Source code for tmtk.params.HighDimParams

from .base import ParamsBase
import os

[docs]class HighDimParams(ParamsBase): docslink = "" @property def mandatory(self): return {'DATA_FILE': { 'variable_type': 'filename', 'helptext': 'Points to the HD data file.' }, 'DATA_TYPE': { 'possible_values': ['R', 'L'], 'default': 'R', 'helptext': ('Must be R (raw values) or L (log transformed). Other types are not ' 'supported yet.') }, "MAP_FILENAME": { 'variable_type': 'filename', 'helptext': 'Filename of the mapping file.' }, } @property def optional(self): return {"LOG_BASE": { 'default': '2', 'helptext': 'Keep this at 2 (sorry about that).' }, "SRC_LOG_BASE": { 'default': '2', 'helptext': ('Has to be specified only with DATA_TYPE=L. ' 'Specifies which logarithm base was ' 'used for transforming the data values.') }, "NODE_NAME": { 'default': '<HD data type name>', 'helptext': ('What to append to TOP_NODE for form the concept ' 'path of the HD node (before the part generated ' 'from category_cd).') }, "ALLOW_MISSING_ANNOTATIONS": { 'possible_values': ['Y', 'N'], 'default': 'N', 'helptext': ('Whether the job should be allowed to continue ' 'when the data set doesn\'t provide data for all ' 'the annotations (here probes).') }, "SKIP_UNMAPPED_DATA": { 'possible_values': ['Y', 'N'], 'default': 'N', 'helptext': ('Allow data in data file that has no associated ' 'samples in subject sample mapping.') }, "PROB_IS_NOT_1": { 'possible_values': ['WARN', 'ERROR'], 'default': 'ERROR', 'helptext': ('For CNV data probabilities are checked. If sum ' 'is not equal to 1, raise either error or give ' 'a warning.') }, }
[docs] def is_viable(self): """ :return: True if both the datafile and map file are located, else returns False. """ if self.get('DATA_FILE') and self.get('MAP_FILENAME'): datafile_found = os.path.exists(os.path.join(self.dirname, self.DATA_FILE)) mapfile_found = os.path.exists(os.path.join(self.dirname, self.MAP_FILENAME)) return all([datafile_found, mapfile_found]) else: return False