Metadata tags and description

The metadata which will appear in a popup in the tree of tranSMART. Can be used to add additional information to your concepts.

File structure

└── tags
    ├── tags.params
    └── tags.txt

Parameter file

The parameters file should be named tags.params and contains:

  • TAGS_FILE Mandatory. Points to the tags file. See below for format.

File format

The metadata files are expected a flat tab seperated text file with four columns:

  • Concept path. Indicate to which concept the metadata belongs. Metadata on the study level is indicated with a ‘\’
  • Tag title. Title of the metadata to be displayed
  • Tag description. Description of the field
  • Weight. Determines order of the metadata in transmart, the higher the number the lower the tag will appear

Example input file:

concept path tag title tag description Weight
\ ORGANISM Homo Sapiens 2
\Subjects\Age Info At time of diagnosis 3

NOTE: The header row is mandatory, the column order is set but the column names are flexible.