Source code for tmtk.params.StudyParams

from .ParamsBase import ParamsBase

[docs]class StudyParams(ParamsBase): docslink = "" @property def mandatory(self): return {'STUDY_ID': { 'default': ('Uppercased parent directory name of the params' ' file is default.'), 'helptext': 'Identifier of the study.', } } @property def optional(self): return {"TOP_NODE": { 'default': '\(Public|Private) Studies\<STUDY_ID>', 'helptext': 'The study top node.' }, "SECURITY_REQUIRED": { 'possible_values': ['Y', 'N'], 'default': 'N', 'helptext': ('Defines study as Private (Y) or Public (N).') }, }
[docs] def is_viable(self): """ :return: True if STUDY_ID has been set. """ if self.get('STUDY_ID', None): return True else: return False