Source code for tmtk.params.Params

import os

from pathlib import Path

from ..utils import Mappings, clean_for_namespace, ValidateMixin, Message

[docs]class Params(ValidateMixin): """ Container class for all params files, called by Study to locate all params files. """ def __init__(self, study_folder=None): """ Initialize by giving a path to study.params file at the root of a study. :param study_folder: path """ assert os.path.exists(study_folder), 'Params: {} does not exist.'.format(study_folder) self._study_folder = study_folder for path in Path(study_folder).glob('**/*.params'): self.add_params(str(path)) @staticmethod def _pick_subdir_name(relative_path, datatype): """ Return a sensible subdirectory name, which is safe for namespace. :param relative_path: path of directory with data files :param datatype: datatype that will be prepended :return: subdir string. """ normalised_path = os.path.normpath(relative_path) split_path = normalised_path.strip(os.sep).split(os.sep) subdir = '_'.join(split_path[:-1]) subdir = clean_for_namespace(subdir) if not subdir.startswith(datatype): subdir = "{}_{}".format(datatype, subdir) return subdir.strip('_')
[docs] def add_params(self, path, parameters=None): """ Add a new parameter file to the Params object. :param path: a path to a parameter file. :param new: if new, create parameter object. :param parameters: add dict here with parameters if you want to create a new parameter file. """ datatype = os.path.basename(path).rsplit('.params', 1)[0] relative_path = path.split(self._study_folder)[1] subdir = self._pick_subdir_name(relative_path, datatype) params = self.create_params(path, parameters, subdir=subdir) if params: self.__dict__[subdir] = params return params
[docs] @staticmethod def create_params(path, parameters=None, subdir=None): """ Create a new parameter file object. :param path: a path to a parameter file. :param parameters: add dict here with parameters if you want to create a new parameter file. :param subdir: subdir is used as string representation. :return: parameter file object. """ datatype = os.path.basename(path).split('.params')[0] try: params_class = Mappings.get_params(datatype) except KeyError: Message.warning('({}) not supported. skipping.'.format(path)) else: return params_class(path=path, parameters=parameters, subdir=subdir)