Source code for tmtk.arborist.common

import os
import shutil
import time
from IPython.display import display, IFrame, clear_output
import tempfile

from ..utils import Message, ClassError

from .jstreecontrol import create_concept_tree, ConceptTree
import tmtk

[docs]def call_boris(to_be_shuffled=None, **kwargs): """ This function loads the Arborist if it has been properly installed in your environment. :param to_be_shuffled: has to be either a tmtk.Study object, a Pandas column mapping dataframe, or a path to column mapping file. """ if not isinstance(to_be_shuffled, (tmtk.Clinical, tmtk.Study)): Message.error("No path to column mapping file or a valid object given.") raise ClassError(type(to_be_shuffled, 'tmtk.Clinical or tmtk.Study')) json_data = create_concept_tree(to_be_shuffled) json_data = launch_arborist_gui(json_data, **kwargs) # Returns modified json_data if json_data: Message.okay('Successfully closed The Arborist. The updated column' ' mapping file has been returned as a dataframe.') Message.warning("Don't forget to save this dataframe to disk if you want to store it.") else: raise Exception('No json file returned from Arborist.') if isinstance(to_be_shuffled, tmtk.Study): update_study_from_json(to_be_shuffled, json_data=json_data) elif isinstance(to_be_shuffled, tmtk.Clinical): update_clinical_from_json(to_be_shuffled, json_data=json_data) else: raise TypeError("Arborist could not find object to update.")
[docs]def valid_arborist_or_exception(**kwargs): from notebook import __version__ as notebook_version if notebook_version < '4.2.0': print("Version of notebook package should be atleast 4.2.0 for Arborist, consider:") print(" $ pip3 install --upgrade notebook") raise RuntimeError("Notebook too old for Arborist.") from notebook.serverextensions import validate_serverextension from notebook.nbextensions import check_nbextension warnings = validate_serverextension('tmtk.arborist') if warnings or not check_nbextension('transmart-arborist', **kwargs): print('For the Arborist to work you need to install a jupyter serverextension using something like:') print(' $ jupyter nbextension install --py tmtk.arborist') print(' $ jupyter serverextension enable --py tmtk.arborist') print('Then to verify installation run:') print(' $ jupyter serverextension list') raise RuntimeError('Transmart-arborist extension not found.')
[docs]def launch_arborist_gui(json_data: str, height=650): """ :param json_data: :param height: :return: """ new_temp_dir = tempfile.mkdtemp() tmp_json = os.path.join(new_temp_dir, 'tmp_json') with open(tmp_json, 'w') as f: f.write(json_data) # Signal created by Javascript to continue work here. done_signal = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(tmp_json), 'DONE') base_url = os.environ.get("ARBORIST_BASE_URL", "/") running_on = '{}transmart-arborist?treefile={}'.format(base_url, os.path.abspath(tmp_json)) display(IFrame(src=running_on, width='100%', height=height)) try: # Wait for the done signal file to be created before breaking the GIL. while not os.path.exists(done_signal): time.sleep(0.1) except KeyboardInterrupt: # This stops the interpreter without showing a stacktrace. pass else: with open(tmp_json, 'r') as f: json_data = return json_data finally: shutil.rmtree(new_temp_dir) # Clear output from Jupyter Notebook cell clear_output() print('Cleaning up before closing...')
[docs]def update_clinical_from_json(clinical, json_data): """ :param clinical: :param json_data: :return: """ concept_tree = ConceptTree(json_data) clinical.ColumnMapping.df = concept_tree.column_mapping_file clinical.WordMapping.df = concept_tree.word_mapping
[docs]def update_study_from_json(study, json_data): """ :param study: :param json_data: :return: """ concept_tree = ConceptTree(json_data) study.Clinical.ColumnMapping.df = concept_tree.column_mapping_file study.Clinical.WordMapping.df = concept_tree.word_mapping # Some checks for whether to create Tags in the study. ct_tags = concept_tree.tags_file if hasattr(study, 'Tags') or ct_tags.shape[0]: study.ensure_metadata() study.Tags.df = concept_tree.tags_file high_dim_paths = concept_tree.high_dim_paths if high_dim_paths: study.HighDim.update_high_dim_paths(high_dim_paths)